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 Chael ' C Train' Anthony is Mixtapes Founder and energetic front man. He is an Arizona native who grew up singing, playing the old piano and organ in his family's home. Coming from a large family, Chael was influenced by all the different types of music each family member played in the car and at home. Chael loves almost all music. His tastes vary from the old standards by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, to The Doors, Led Zeppelin,  Daft punk, Indie rock,Radiohead, Coldplay, Tupac, 90's R&B and Hip Hop, Cumbias and Salsa, and country from the 50's all the way up to some hits of today.

    Chael played trumpet (by ear) all through elementary school, junior high, and high school. Some friends in high school talked him into joining the choir but he never received any formal training. He sat in with a local grunge band  around this same time because they needed someone to cover the Rage Against The Machine songs they wanted to cover. This same band practiced at Chaels home and left their instruments there. Because of that opportunity he taught himself to play a little bit of drums, bass, and guitar.

     In 2014 Chael formed Mixtape Massacre (Massacre was later dropped due to people interpreting the band as a death metal band based on the name). Chael went looking around the music scene locally and noticed that most of the bands were just playing one genre and also not really engaging with the audience or each other. He wanted to play the eclectic hits that would be on every individuals personal mixtape. In doing so, Chael soon determined that there were songs that were out of his range vocally, harmonies that needed to be added, and sounds that are essential to these songs. So he sought out a female singer and a keyboardist. Once he found those crucial elements and added them to the lineup, he then began creating mashups for the bands set list in an effort to please multiple generations of music lovers and keep them engaged.

    Chael takes pride in making sure everyone feels included in the fun and love of music at every show. He'll be excited to see you, high five you, and dance with you at the next Mixtape event!

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