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Emille Kortleven is Mixtapes Drummer. Emille hails from The Netherlands and arrived in Arizona in 2016 via an 18 year Los Angeles detour.

  He’s been playing drums since age 12, in bands since age 14. Peter Criss, Stewart Copeland, Cesar Zuiderwijk and Alex van Halen were (early on) drummers to inspire him.

   Emille has his roots in punk rock and hard rock music. However, he’s been in many (cover) bands playing a wide variety of styles, both in Europe as well as the US. From country to jazz to 60’s R&B/ Motown to 70’s Yacht Rock & Disco to 80’s Hairbands & New Wave to Dutch lyric Southern Rock to Dutch ‘Tuba Funk’….you name it, he’s played it.

    His goal with any cover band he’s been in, was always primarily to entertain an audience. He states:” If you’re a night out, you want to hear songs you know and can dance to, played convincingly by a band that is energetic and can keep your attention.”

   Needless to say he got really excited when Mixtape asked him to audition on drums. He’d seen the band a few times before and was impressed by their stage act and relentless energy. He remembers thinking: “ If that band ever needs a drummer, I hope they think of me!”

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