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Eric Bieber is Mixtapes Keyboardist and Rhythm Guitarist.  Eric is classically trained as a pianist having been born into a family of musicians. He started keyboard training at an early age. Eric started gigging out with bands in the Midwest at age 14 and hasn't stopped since.

     A multi instrumentalist by training, he is comfortable playing keyboards, guitar, bass, and spent a number of years fronting bands on vocals.

    Prior to recently moving to Arizona, Eric was part of the recording group Lips Turn Blue, cutting an album in New York that included Mark Schulman on drums (Pink), and Lou Gramm (Foreigner). Eric wrote or co-wrote a number of the tracks on the album.He also had the opportunity to gig out with Lou, playing some of his favorite Foreigner songs.

   Eric loves being in the Southwest, out of the snow in New York and working with incredibly talented musicians in Mixtape.

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