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Justin Robertson is Mixtapes Lead Guitarist. Justin was born in Borneo from mixed parents. His Father hails from Edinburgh Scotland, and his Mother from Malaysia. Justins family moved back to  Scotland where Justin was educated and musically inclined. As a young teen he watched the Woodstock movie and was smitten by Jimi Hendrix' playing ability and performance. Justin discovered there were no guitar teachers around to help him pursue this new passion, so he had to learn the hard way..playing by ear. Justins first band "Dragon" won an early version of The X Factor, which led to a recording contract in London. He worked with his first producer Mick Green of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates of Fame. Many recording sessions later that finally led to being discovered by a professional LA band called Daniel Webster. Justin moved to LA and had great times. He moved to Phoenix  and found Mixtape. Justin loves playing with his talented band mates who also love performing and entertaining which,in Justins shared opinion, is what it's all about.

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