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Ronny Miller is Mixtapes Bassist. 

Also an Arizona native, he grew up around a musical family.  This allowed him to be exposed to many types of musical genres, such as Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Country, and many others including access to instruments such as guitars, bass, drums and other percussive instruments.  By age 10, he started playing alto sax in marching band for his schools and continued this for the next several years.  Later he moved to Phoenix which led him to joining a couple of local bands playing bass in the local music scene. In 2007 he eventually moved to Nashville which allowed him to gain more exposure to music and also learn to wear many hats there.  This eventually landed him several gigs including a spot at CMA Fest along side with his brother Rudy.  Eventually he returned to Phoenix with his family.  Upon returning, he was able to work along side with his older brother Bobby doing multiple projects such as Sabe (Latin group), and Random Act which led to short stint with Mixtapes current drummer Emille.  Now the newest member of Mixtape, he is hoping to bring that bottom end that everyone expects out of Mixtapes variety!

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